The Final Path of Flight Mh370

The Final Path of Flight Mh370

Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms That Disprove Some Current Theories and Suggest New Answers

Maged Marghany Ph.D.


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Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms for detecting the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 delivers the critical tool needed to understand its vanishing scenario in the southern Indian Ocean. Filling the gap between the conspiracy theories of MH370 vanishing and remote sensing detected debris, this reference is packed with technical details associated with the critical questions of has not MH370 vanished in the southern Indian Ocean, and where is last destination of MH370? Rounding out with practical simulation trajectory movements of MH370 debris using the ocean dynamic features, Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms bring an effective evident of the last destination of MH370. Key Features • Bridge between the conspiracy theories of missing MH370 and remote sensing technology. • Understanding a new approach of debris automatic detection. • Advance knowledge on image processing based on multiobjective genetic algorithms. • Disprove some current theories of MH370 missing and suggest new answers