Gullah Redemption

Gullah Redemption

An American Heritage Revisited

R.H. Brown


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Gullah Redemption presents a vivid description of a unique group within the African American Culture. The author who is Gullah gives a spell binding account of his miraculous conversion to Christ. Unlike his ancestors who were forced to listen to slave masters as they read the holy scriptures to justify use of free labor while maintaining the obedience of many docile captives. Brown suggests that some 75% of Blacks living in the United States remain unaware of his one of a kind group. The Gullah living on seacoast islands bordering mainly South Carolina and Georgia represent a people having the purest bloodline of all African slaves brought to North America in wooden ships. While proud knowledge of the blood of a people is very important, most important is theological knowledge that the blood of Jesus links and binds together every born-again human for time and eternity. In our present age of hate mongering, division, lawlessness, and fear, we would do well to acknowledge words Holy Spirit gave to Apostle Paul in his letter written around A. D. 40-60 to the Church in Galatians 3:28-29. There is neither Jew, Greek, Gullah, Russian, Italian, or Hispanic in Christ. We are “all” by faith Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. Sandwiched between Chapters 3 and 11 is the book written in 2006, “Call Me Gullah: An American Heritage”. Included at the end of this work are Pastor Brown’s sermon notes from a message delivered October 6, 2019 entitled: “A Universal Gospel of Inclusion”.