The Girl Without a Name

The Girl Without a Name

The Muse of Montagua

Stuart P. Coates


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After falling down a hole that leads to the center of the earth, a young woman loses her memory but finds herself in the Garden of Eden. It turns out God did not destroy Eden; instead, he hid it from humanity. Here, time has no meaning, no one ages, and there is no death. The creatures of the garden name this mysterious girl Ageyutsa. She soon meets Hootie, a talking owl, and he becomes her faithful companion, leading Ageyutsa on the greatest adventure of her life. After meeting Hootie, Ageyutsa acquires an amazing skill. She obtains the abilities of any animal or insect she comes into contact with in Eden. How will she use her new abilities, and will this mystery girl ever remember who she is and find her way home?