Apology to the Young Addict

Apology to the Young Addict

A Memoir

James Brown


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  • James Brown's The Los Angeles Diaries is often listed among the authors of the best addiction memoirs ever written. Here, in Apology to the Young Addict, and now sixty years old, Brown writes about finding a new path in life, about how he has made peace with the family whose ghosts haunted him so vociferously; about the teeming new addictions growing all around him
  • James Brown is a truth teller and here again he does not disappoint. His writing as always is lucid and unflinching. In laying bare his own soul, he makes of his work an act against loneliness, shot through with a sad wisdom
  • Timely and relatable to far too many Americans, Brown's series of essays will resonate with the addiction crises of 2020; the opening piece is about the elderly couple next door who, through a series of medical procedures, become accidental opioid addicts
  • It is one thing to write a memoir about addiction and alcoholism but an altogether different endeavor to write about life after the trials-and-tribulations of addiction, when the alcoholic-addict has recovered, what we do to keep our recovery, and the role we now play in helping others get and stay clean and sober. In many ways, APOLOGY TO THE YOUNG ADDICT has as much to do with Brown's own journey as it does the journey of others wrestling with the same demons, and how, in the end, the stories we share belong to us all.
  • Author lives in a small lake town in the mountains north of San Bernadino, CA
  • Acquired and edited by Counterpoint EiC Dan Smetanka

    Bookseller Praise for Apology to the Young Addict

    "Apology to the Young Addict is a no-holds-barred, raw, and brutally honest look at addiction and the hell it visits on the addicted and their family and friends. James Brown gives the reader a tough-love look at the ugly truths that come along with alcohol and drugs, but ultimately leaves the reader with the knowledge that there is hope, and a solution for those who want it." —Mary Webber O'Malley, Anderson's Bookshop (LaGrange, IL)

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