Juicing for the Chakras

Juicing for the Chakras

Heal & Transform Your Life with Yoga, Energy & Awareness

Tara Nolan


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Are you looking for alternative pathways to get happier and healthier? Your body may be communicating to you through aches, pains and even illness. To create lasting wellness, increase vitality and shine from the inside out - this book is a must-read. Attuning with the chakra system allows a deeper understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. With this knowledge, you may be able to let go of chronic suffering once and for all. Undoubtedly, you will begin to live with greater intention and higher consciousness. Juicing offers healing from potent raw nutrients and high vibrational energy. Likewise, yoga stimulates the functionality of your organs, strengthens your muscles and increases your flexibility. Integrating juice and yoga with a higher level of self-awareness allows you to cleanse and rejuvenate your chakra system. Tara challenges you to listen to the signs from your body, go deeper into your psyche and tap into your emotional intelligence. You are lead to discover where you have blockages or imbalances in the seven main energy centers. She then gives you juice recipes, yoga postures, and a guide of essential oils to remove these blockages. This is a fun guide to bring you personal transformation to live with optimal health and emotional freedom. The proof is not in the pudding: it’s in the yoga and juicing! “The chakras are very intelligent—they are like the software of the whole computer body.” - Dharma Mittra