The Dark Mountain

The Dark Mountain

And Other Stories

Mona Salem Bakhashwain


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Safi is just forty-two when she dies, leaving her husband, Raj, devastated. Unable to return to normal life, he departs for Dark Mountain where he plans to dig a tunnel. As months and years pass, Raj is boosted by his knowledge that Safi is with him in spirit. But will he ever complete his lofty project? In a collection of short stories inspired by the Arabian culture and Hijaz folklore, author Mona Bakhashwain shares a glimpse into the lives of diverse characters, each battling unique challenges. When a prince instructs his loyal assistant to help a poor family in his kingdom, he learns valuable lessons about life, death, and everything in between. Ahmad is a poor fisherman’s son—and his good luck charm. When his father catches a whale, the boy is shocked when the whale begs to be released so he can feed his calves. Although he promises to return, Ahmad still flees in fear of retribution from his father without any idea that the whale will return in a way he never imagined. The Dark Mountain is a collection of short tales inspired by Hijaz folklore that leads others into a fascinating world where characters must overcome obstacles to realize happiness and learn life-changing lessons.