The Story of the Pig

The Story of the Pig

Alero Macaulay


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Have you ever wondered why animals behave or have certain physical appearances? Growing up in Sapele, Delta State in Nigeria (West Africa), although in the city, farm animals were ever present. Pigs roamed the market place landfills- where piles of rubbish/garbage was and mud. I was always curious about why pigs were often the only animals that seemed to delight in searching through trash and mud. I was curious about why. This book is the story of the pig and why it behaves the way it does. It is a story created by my maternal grandmother- who was a teacher and healer. She was a mystical woman and the stories she created have been passed down from generation to generation in my home. Her stories made sense of the world to me and now I hope they make sense of the world to you. ENJOY!